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in the name of Rebbe Kalonimus Kalmish Shapira zt"l HY"D from Piacezne
and you can be a part of that!


"Shalom, Welcome to Aish Kodesh!"

That's the greeting that hundreds of locals, olim chadashim and guests from all over Israel, United States, England, South Africa, Russia, France, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, and many other countries have heard as they walked into our Beit Medrash for the first time. Whether for an afternoon mincha or for Kol Nidrei the same warm welcome is always extended!

Our Rebbe Shlita, together with his Rebitzen, have poured their hearts into making Aish Kodesh the warm, inviting place for which it is renowned. Their influence has made our shul a friendly home to all who daven here. This is the tradition of Piacazena that our Rebbe Shlita instills into our kehillah, each of us, and especially into our children. (Learn more about the history and story of Aish Kodesh.)

Our Spiritual Home

This is also an opportunity to dedicate something in the building in honor of, in memory of, or in zchut of family and friends. Download the dedication list and email us for information about specific sponsorships.

Donations can be paid out over time and we can provide tax receipts for the US and Israel.

Keep in mind, that the Aish Kodesh building will not only be the realization of our aspirations, but in essence will be the fulfilment of the Piaczena Rebbe's Zt"l dream of building a place of Torah and tefillah that would attract Jews of all types providing a place to nurture and be "mechanach" our children. Our Aish Kodesh here in Ramat Beit Shemesh is the true continuation of the mesorah of the Rebbe Zt"l.

Tizku L'mitzvot

Building Fund

Dear friends, we have reached a financial impasse. We have built as much as we can. We have simply run out of funds to grow.
Yet we all see that there is much work left to be completed:

  • The front entrance to the building.
  • The fire exit on the far side of the Beis Midrash is not up to code.
  • The corrugated walls on the side of the building has to be replaced.
  • The rear area outside of the building must be cleaned up.
  • And finally – We must complete our Simchah Hall. To hold events there, requires the proper certificate of occupancy for the building (Tofes 4), which we cannot receive until we finish the construction of the items at the top of the list!
  • For the simcha hall, about 80-90% of the work has been completed, and we still need to:
    · Tile the kitchen walls
    · Purchase and install the stainless steel countertop
    · Install the kitchen ceiling
    · Mamad has to be finished with carpentry to cover the electric panels
    · Moldings are needed throughout the wall and ceiling
    · We need to purchase and install the bathrooms sinks and the lighting fixtures
    · Work with the finalizing the architecture detail designs to complete the steps of the front of the shul as well as the all of the exterior areas

Aish Kodesh is our spiritual home, our Bayis, our Beis Knesset.

We need to finish the building. We have waited long enough.

Good News!
A donor has promised us 1 Shekel for every 2 Shekels we raise.
Thus, to reach our goal of 600,000 ש"ח we need to raise 400,000 ש"ח

Every Meter Matters

Friends, we ask you to open your hearts and to give generously.
Please “buy” a meter – “buy” 2 meters, 4 meters or more.
Please call us, talk to us about how you can help.

Nachum Duchin 058-449-5054, from USA 248-452-6000

Donations can be by cheque or credit card, and we can provide tax receipts for both US and Israel.
US checks should be made out to Trust of Aish Kodesh
Israeli checks made out to Chasidei Piacezna

Please note: To use an Israeli Credit Card to donate in Israeli Shekels contact the Gabbaim directly

Click here to Donate now online in US Dollars

If you donate by Paypal, please send to us a confirmation by email.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in Shul, to Davening with you and to being inspired along with you.

Shul Notes:
The Rebbe spoke recently about the very important "inyan" of saying 100 Brachot every day. He asked that we start a project to have each person choose one of the 100 Brachot and have "special kavanah" during that Bracha everyday. This can be a special Zechut for the Kehillah in many ways! Below is a link for everyone to choose from the list.
Please each person only sign up for one bracha. Men, women and bar/bat mitzvah age boys and girls can sign up!

100 Brachot Sheet
Shul Announcements:

Mazal tov to Rabbi Yehonason and Rebbetzin Alpren on the engagement of their son, Shmuel Simcha, to Leah Sivatitsky, from Ramot Polin!
Mazal Tov to Baruch and Shaindy Salzburg on the birth of their baby girl!! Much Nachas!

Rabbi Ari Enkin will be giving a shiur on the topic: "Shabbos Candles: Lesser-Known Halachos and Minhagim" (Handouts will be provided) at 5:40 pm at a table in the main Beis Medrash.
Please send your simcha announcements (text only) to

Aish Kodesh Building Fund Campaign
Every Meter Matters
We Are Thankful! ₪272,000 So Far!

Raised: ₪272,000
Goal: ₪400,000
Daily Schedule - Next Week (Shelach):
(Mon/Thu):  6:20 / 6:50 / 8:15
(Sun/Tues/Wed/Fri):  6:30 / 7:00 / 8:15
Mincha:  1:20 / 7:40
Maariv:   8:15 / 9:15
Shabbos Davening Schedule see below
Men's Mikva Hours:
Daily: 4:30 - 11:30
Erev Shabbos/Holidays: Until 15 mins before lighting
Shabbos: 5:00 - 10:00
Our Kehillah Activities

Our Kehillah Activities

See our schedule
Come and experience our davening, learning, and events.

Davening Times 5779 - זמני תפילה תשע"ט

Davening Times Click Here

Upcoming Davening Times Click Here





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10/06 - 15/06
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16/05 - 22/06
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23/05 - 29/06
כ' סיון - כ"ו סיון
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Our Story

Our Story

Rebbe Kalonymus Kalman Shapira was known as the Aish Kodesh for his famous book and revered for his strength of faith under enormous duress during the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Piacezne Rebbe - Aish Kodesh zt"l hy"d


Reb Yeshaya Shapira, brother of the Aish Kodesh, was known as the Pioneering Rebbe came to Israel in 1920 and help build up Eretz Israel in Land, Torah and Mitzvot.

Admor Hachlutz - Reb Yeshaya Shapira zt"l


Reb Elimelech Shapira was the son of Reb Yeshaya and dedicated his life to teachings and growing Torah in Tel Aviv.

Piacezne Rebbe - Reb Elimelech zt"l

Tel Aviv

Rav Kalman Menachem Shapira, "The Rebbe", son of Reb Elimelech, assumed the mantle of the Piazeczna Chassidus in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph since his father passing in 1997.

Piacezne Rebbe
Rav Shapira Shlita

New Beit Midrash
Ramat Beit Shemesh

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

We encourage everyone to be involved.
Reach out to the heads in the area of your interests


Make A Donation

Help complete our building -- dedicate a part in the name of a loved one. We can accept online, credit card or cheques and provide tax receipts for both US and Israel


(c) Photos courtesy of Nachum Duchin

Become a Volunteer

There are so many ways to become active -- reach out the Gabbaim or members of the shul



Tell Your Friends About Us

So many new olim, and new residents are looking for a community -- reach out and say:
Shalom, and Welcome to Aish Kodesh!


Contact Us

Contact Us

Beit Keneset and Beit Midrash Aish Kodesh
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