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Help us Reach our Goal and Finish our Building!

"Shalom, Welcome to Aish Kodesh!"
Thats the greeting that hundreds of locals, olim chadashim and guests from all over Israel, United States, England, South Africa, Russia, France, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, and many other countries have heard as they walked into our Bet Medrash for the first time. Whether for an afternoon mincha or for Kol Nidrei the same warm welcome is always extended!

Our Rebbe Shlita, together with his Rebitzen, have poured their hearts into making Aish Kodesh the warm, inviting place for which it is renowned. Their influence has made our shul a friendly home to all who daven here. This is the tradition of Piacazena that our Rebbe Shlita instills into our kehillah, each of us, and especially into our children. (Learn more about the history and story of Aish Kodesh.)

This is also an opportunity to dedicate something in the building in honor of, in memory of, or in zchut of family and friends. Download the dedication list and email us for information about specific sponsorships.

Donations can be paid out over time and we can provide tax receipts for the US and Israel.

Keep in mind, that the Aish Kodesh building will not only be the realization of our aspirations, but in essence will be the fulfilment of the Piaczena Rebbe's Zt"l dream of building a place of Torah and tefillah that would attract Jews of all types providing a place to nurture and be "mechanach" our children. Our Aish Kodesh here in Ramat Bet Shemesh is the true continuation of the mesorah of the Rebbe Zt"l.

Tizku L'mitzvot